2016 NFBV State Convention Agenda Preview

We are convinced that the 2016 NFB of Virginia Convention will be our best ever.

We are working hard on convention plans and we want to provide a preview of the plans so you can arrange to be there.

Based on the positive feedback from last year, we will continue with the new structure of convention, making both Friday & Saturday programming even stronger. While you are welcome to show up for just a portion of convention, you should seriously consider asking for Veteran’s Day, November 11 as a day off to attend the great Friday programming.

These plans are still in progress and may change.

Friday Highlights:

  • I. General Session officially starts Friday Morning – After a brief
    Board meeting, open to all members, we will start the convention officially at 10:00 a.m. There will be exciting presenters on Friday morning and a ceremony honoring our Veterans.
  • II. II. Friday Seminars – 2 Seminars are planned on Friday afternoon
    • a. Technology Seminar –Chris O’Meally is planning a great seminar. The Best Apple IOS Applications of 2016, Best Practices for blind ride sharing users, advancements in Google product accessibility including Android, Chrome OS, and Google apps.
    • b. Relationships Intersection – Uricka Harrison and Deepa Goraya will lead a seminar on relationships, dating, parenting and living the life you want.
  • III. Exhibitors – We will have a great set of exhibitors sharing products and services you will find interesting and valuable. Robert Parsons will be organizing exhibits.
  • IV. Rookie Reception – First time convention attendees will be welcomed in an environment to receive answers to questions and get connected.
  • V. Veterans at the Beach Party – On Friday evening, all are welcome at an indoor Veterans at the Beach themed hospitality.
  • VI. Student Programming – The student division is planning a set of programming on Friday night to get convention rolling for students.

Saturday Highlights:

  • I. General Session – There will be phenomenal presentations during General Session on Saturday morning including a National Report from our National Representative, Pam Allen and a Virginia report from President Kasey. More details to follow.
  • II. Saturday break Out session – On Saturday afternoon, in place of General Session we are planning smaller breakout groups for our core constituencies:
    • a. Career / Employment Track for Working age adults – Melody Roane is developing an exciting and interactive session to help you in your career. More details to follow.
    • b. Student Track – We are planning an exciting student track including a Friday welcome reception, a travel activity for Saturday lunch outside of the hotel, and interactive programming on Saturday and Sunday morning that will enable students to learn from each other and from our great Federation resources. The Virginia Association of Blind Students will be organizing student track.
    • c. Senior Track- Nancy Yeager and a committee of seniors are planning an exciting program for seniors based on ideas from across the country. More details to follow…
    • d. Parent Track – the Virginia Association of Parents of Blind Children is planning a number of programs including discussions on advocacy /self-advocacy and some hands on activities.
    • e. Social Media Training – Concurrent to these breakout sessions, Danielle Trevino will lead 2 sessions to help understand how to use Social Media for both achieving personal and Federation goals. Danielle will lead an introductory and advance class and seating will be limited. More details on registering for these sessions will be provided soon.
  • III. . On Saturday night, Pam Allen, our National representative and First Vice president of the National Federation of the Blind, president of the NFB of Louisiana, and Director of the Louisiana Center for the Blind will provide an exciting banquet address you will not want to miss.

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning, we are planning a number of high energy presentations including, That’s Me: Exploring Our Common Bonds, led by Joanne Wilson. There will be blind people talking about their unique jobs and a report out from our students.

As you will observe, we are planning a great event. However, to make it truly outstanding, we need you to plan to attend.

Please act now to join us in Virginia Beach.

Link Here to the post for details on Convention Registration and Hotel Reservations