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State Convention for Seniors

The 59th Annual State Convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia incorporates ways that blind seniors are active, fulfilled and enjoy

Through presentations and discussions, newly blind individuals will learn that by using alternative techniques, they can confidently function as they did when they were sighted.

Seniors in Charge

On Friday morning, hear from seniors who have learned the alternative techniques to live independently and truly enjoy life.

Emergency Preparedness

On Friday afternoon, learn about how to create a plan for an emergency and overcome obstacles should an emergency occur. Learn from others and keep in control.

Winning Them Over with Professionalism and Poise – An Etiquette Dinner

You are cordially invited to attend the inaugural Etiquette Dinner presented by the NFB of Virginia on Friday evening. At this dinner, you will be educated
on the ins and outs of appropriate etiquette in both professional and social dining settings. Learn alternative techniques for dining to help you be more
comfortable in more formal settings.

Note: This event requires pre-registration.

Saturday Seniors Division Lunch

Seniors and their families are invited to join other seniors for fellowship and connecting with others who have learned alternative techniques to thrive.

Saturday Seniors Division Meeting

Participate in discussions and presentations on such topics as: hearing loss; transportation; Senior activities around
the country; and low impact exercise.

The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia Convention combines excellent networking with positive blind role models, fellowship with old and new friends across the Commonwealth, and some of the best presentations on topics important to the blind of Virginia.

Details on convention registration and hotel reservations can be found at:

How Blind and Vision Impaired Seniors Can Live Independently and Safely: 2015 Convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia

The 2015 convention of the National Federation of the blind of Virginia

(Oct. 29 through Nov. 1)

wants to help seniors. The NFBV will be presenting programs just for seniors that will give you the information you need to live the life you want. Vision loss doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence.

Click here to download an accessible PDF containing the information you have been waiting for.

Click here to get information on how to register for the convention.

Why Seniors Should Attend 2015 NFB of Virginia Convention 10/30 – 11/1

Are You a Senior Citizen Struggling with Vision Loss?

eye problems can be challenging. Does your low vision make simple daily tasks difficult or impossible? You are not alone.

Staying in the game: A low vision empowerment program for seniors presented by the National Federation of the Blind at our 2015 convention in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and you are invited!.

You will gain:

  • . learn about everyday living aids;
  • . Improve your independence;
  • . Reduce isolation;
  • . Learn how to access the low vision services in your
  • . Overcome challenges with the help of experts;

If you want to take charge of your life an learn the alternative techniques to live the life you want, join us in Tyson’s Corner. The 2015 NFB of Virginia convention, is Scheduled for October 30,- November 1 in Tyson’s Corner .

Link Here to get all the details about the convention and how to register