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Table of Contents

Thank You!

The Potomac Chapter has agreed to take on hosting responsibilities for State Convention. Please thank Chapter President Christine Grassman and her team for making 2022 the success we anticipate!

Message From Our Host Chapter President

Essential Details

The 64th State Convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia will be held Thursday, October 27 through Sunday, October 30, 2022, at the:

Westin Tysons Corner
7801 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, Virginia 22043
Phone: (703) 893-1340.

Room rates: $89/per night (not including taxes)

Click here to make your room reservations, Or call (703) 893-1340.

Important Dates

Please take note of these important deadlines:

  • Monday, September 26: State scholarship deadline
  • Friday, September 30: Deadline to submit request for childcare during convention.
  • Monday, October 10:
    1. Close of advance registration for in person guests
    2. Cutoff date for hotel room reservations
    3. Close for sponsor applications and exhibits
  • Sunday, October 23: Close of standard registration for in person guests as well as opportunity for all members seeking to vote
  • Saturday, October 29: Close of late registration for all guests


This year there are two registration forms, one for guests planning on attending the convention in person and the other form for guests who would rather participate in the virtual experience. It is important you choose the correct form to get accurate head counts for certain in person events.

Among other benefits, registering for either the in person or virtual experience will put you into the drawing for door prizes throughout the convention.

Click here for the in person registration form.

Note the three different registration deadlines, or

Click here for the virtual registration form.

The Convention Agenda

The convention agenda is here! Please click here to download your copy in Word format.

Special Announcements

Note: These items are of special interest.

Hotel Layout

This year's convention hotel will be easy to navigate. To my way of thinking, the hotel is basically laid out in a U shape. Think of the bulk of activities occurring on the left half of the U, the front desk and elevators at the bottom of the U, and the restaurant, Starbucks, and bar on the right half of the U.

The majority of our functions will occur in the function space to the left of the main lobby, if you are facing the front desk. The exceptions to this are:

  • Escape Room on Saturday afternoon
  • Resetting Your Mindset on Saturday afternoon
  • Fitness workshops on Saturday afternoon

Note: Self defense has been replaced by resetting your mindset.

These activities will be held on the lower level in the Dogwood and Redwood rooms accessible via the elevators to the right of the front desk, or down the stairs left of the front desk.

Please refer to the agenda for times and location.

The hotel is located at 7801 Leesburg Pike; , however, its driveway actually enters and exits on a small side street named Ramada Drive.

Parking at the hotel for NFBV attendees and guests is complimentary, provided you do not use valet parking.

The main entrance consists of a revolving door opening directly to the lobby. On either side of this door are conventional doors. Upon entering the lobby, you will find the front desk directly in front of you at the back wall. If you need to go downstairs to the Dogwood or Redwood rooms, please use the stairs located to the left of the front desk or the elevators located to the right of the desk.

The Concierge stand/bell desk is immediately to your right as you walk in through the main entrance doors. A lobby sitting area is immediately to your left. The elevators are located to the immediate right of the front desk along the back wall.

To the right of the elevators is a hallway leading to the Blue Fire Grill and Blue Fire Lounge. Turning left into this hall, the first door on your right is a men's room and next is the women's room. Continuing down the hall on your right, you will reach the newly renovated gym, followed by the Palm Room along the right side. The Palm Room is where the invitational leadership dinner will be held. The Blue Fire Lounge and the Blue Fire Grill are on the left side of this hall.

Restaurant hours are 7 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays, 11 AM on weekends for breakfast. The restaurant then serves lunch or dinner from 11 AM until 10:45 PM all days.

Back in the lobby, if your back faces the elevators, across the lobby is a small Starbucks, opened 6 AM until noon. This same facility transforms into a sushi bar weekday evenings from 5 PM until 10 PM.

If you turn left while facing the front desk, you will enter a wide hallway containing the hotel's main function rooms. All function rooms are designated with names of trees.

As one enters the main function hall, the first door on the left is the Willow Room, which we will not be using this year. The second door on the left is the Cypress Room, which serves as our office space and should only be used by people with prior permission.

Continuing down the hall, the next room on your left is the Evergreen Room followed by the Pines Room The pines room is the final room on the left. Pines is where the JAWS training will be held on Friday and Saturday.

Turning right along the back wall are doors leading to a set of stairs going down to the designated dog relief area and parking. Though you may use that area, the hotel would prefer you walk out of the main entrance, turn right and follow the sidewalk to the grassy area on your right. There will be a trash container adjacent to the main entrance. Please ask at the front desk if you need more specific directions.

Now, let's return to the start of this same hallway from the lobby. Except, this time let's explore the right side of the hall.

Entering this main hall from the lobby, the first two doors are hotel office related. The next door on the right is a men's room located in an alcove followed by a women's bathroom. A water fountain is located between those two doors.

Next is a right turn to the Oaks Foyer, and the Oaks Ballrooms. Here is where you will find the registration tables where you can pick up your packets including meal tickets. It is at this T intersection where box lunches will be passed out on Friday and Saturday. The Oaks Foyer is also where we will mingle for a pre-banquet reception.

Continuing down the main hall past the Oaks Ballroom hallway on the right are the Birches Rooms. One is the Water Birch and the other is the River Birch. When combined, they are simply referred to as the Birches, and it is here where you will find our senior programming on Friday and Saturday afternoon.

As mentioned, turning right after the women's bathroom is the Oaks Ballroom hall/Foyer. On the left side of this wide hall is an office followed by a small room containing soda an snack vending machines. This is followed by an exit leading down steps to the parking area.

On the right side of the Oaks Foyer beginning at the Foyer entrance are Oaks Ballroom entrances Oaks 1, 2, and 3. Oaks 1 and 2 is where our affiliate board meeting and General Sessions will be held, as well as the banquet. Oaks 3 is where you will find our exhibit space on Friday afternoon.

The Lower Lobby is reached by using the elevators located to the right of the Front Desk as you're facing it, or by taking the wide stairs located to the left of the Front Desk. Press LL on the elevator panel to reach the Lower Lobby.

When you step off the stairs, the entrance to the Dogwood Room is directly in front of you. This room will be used for the resetting your mindset and fitness activities. Next door to the left is the Redwood Room where we will host the escape room on Saturday afternoon.

The Elevator is located to the left, on the same wall as the stairs.

The swimming pool has been removed since we last visited the property.

The NFBV Presidential Suite is Room # 939. After stepping off the elevator on the 9th floor, turn right and go almost to the end of the hall, and the suite will be on your left.

Speaking of sleeping rooms, Floors 2 through 9, are laid out as follows.

When stepping off the elevator to get to your guest room, to the right of the elevators are rooms 224-250. If taking a left off the elevators, walk to the end of the hall, where you will find a T intersection. To the right are rooms 201-206, and to the left are rooms 207-223. These numbers apply to each floor up to the 9th level.

The 10th and 11th floors do not have rooms to the right of the elevators.

For transportation information, including shuttle details, please jump down in this same page to the transportation section.

Escape Room Registration

Did you check off the Escape Room as one of the activities you wanted to try as part of your convention experience? If so, it's time to pick your session. Note there are caps per session, so if one session is already full, make sure you pick your next best option! You can register for your session here:

Principles of Engagement

Nothing in these rules of engagement is intended to change Article IV, Section 2 of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia’s (NFBV) constitution. The Convention remains “the supreme authority of the NFBV. It is the legislature of the NFBV . As such, it has final authority with respect to all issues of policy. Chapter board delegates and members in attendance may participate in all convention discussions as a matter of right. Any member of the NFBV may make or second motions [and] propose nominations.” These procedures simply implement the method for following the constitution in an in-person convention with a virtual convention experience. Read more.

Door Prizes

Local chapters and state divisions are encouraged to submit financial contributions to the state treasurer for the purpose of door prizes. Please connect with Mark Roane for details. Door prizes that are not cash value should take the shape of electronic gift certificates that are not tied to specific local businesses. The door prize committee will ensure prizes are disseminated to winners no later than one week after the convention.

Winners will be drawn from the online in person and virtual registration lists.

To submit a door prize, or for further information, please contact Julie McGinnity from the Potomac Chapter at


Jacki Brown from the Winchester Chapter and Domonique Lawless of the Richmond Chapter will serve as this year’s auctioneers. For details on acceptable prizes and logistics, click here for all the auction details.

Transportation Information

With your bags packed and your reservations made you’re all geared up for the state Convention. But, how will you get there? Below is some information that will help you take the stress out of the journey and give you more time to think about what you’re going to splurge on at that Auction.

There are several convenient access routes to Northern Virginia's hotel site. For those local to Northern Virginia, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), provides easy access to the Hotel’s shuttle service from the Tysons Corner Metro station located on the Silver Line.

The hotel shuttle generally leaves every hour on the hour from the Tysons corner metro south side entrance, at the bus stop by the Lord and Taylor department store, but please contact the hotel to make sure the shuttle service is operational. The shuttle generally runs from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekdays, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekends, every day with scheduled stops at tysons 1 and Tysons 2. The cost is free and it will take you within a 3 mile radius of the Westin Tysons Corner.

For those coming to Northern Virginia via Greyhound you may access the Metrorail system at the Franconia-Springfield Station located on the Blue Line.

To access the Metrorail system please exit the ticket office and turn right. Or, simply turn left as you exit the bus. Follow the sidewalk for approximately 50 feet. Several bus shelters will be to your left.

Upon reaching the overhead covering, turn right towards the escalators. Take the up escalator up a short flight. Walk straight ahead. When you reach the commuter office on your right, the entrance to the metro station will be on your left.

To reach the Tysons Corner metro station, take the Blue line train to Rosslyn going in the direction of Largo. Get off the train at Rosslyn, which is the 9th stop. At Roslyn, exit the train and walk to an escalator going down to the lower level of the station. On the lower level, you will transfer to the Silver Line heading in the direction of Whiele Reston East and get off the Silver Line at Tysons Corner Station. If you accidentally get on an Orange line train to Vienna, get off the train at or before East falls Church and transfer to the Silver line heading to Wiehle Reston East On the arriving platform.

Three trains service Roslyn: Blue, Orange, and Silver. It is important you do not get on a blue line train on the lower level of Roslyn because you could end up back at Franconia. Tysons corner is the 7th stop from Roslyn on the silver line.

For your reference, the stops you should pass are:

  • Courthouse
  • Clarendon
  • Virginia Square
  • Ballston
  • East Falls Church
  • Mclean, and
  • Tysons Corner.

The Franconia-Springfield Greyhound Ticket office number is: (703) 971-7598. The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 7am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 9pm. Sunday hours are from 7am to 1:30pm.

If in need of Uber, Lyft, or taxi service, the address to the Springfield Greyhound bus terminal is: 6770 Frontier Drive.

For those coming via Amtrak or Virginia Railway Express (VRE,) the closest access point to the Metrorail system is the King Street Metro Station located on the Blue and Yellow lines. Please follow the directions as shown above upon entering the Metrorail system, making sure you board a Blue line train to Largo. (Do not board a Yellow line train!) Once on the Blue line train to Largo, transfer at Roslyn to the Silver line as described above. Taxis are readily available at the King Street station to transport you to the hotel. You can also use Uber or Lyft to get to the hotel. It is estimated a cab ride will exceed $30 to use this alternative form of transportation. An Uber or Lyft ride should cost approximately $20.

The address for the Amtrak station located in Alexandria is 110 Callahan Drive.

Amtrak's phone number is: (800) 872-7245.

Paratransit users:

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has a paratransit program available to provide curb to curb service. The program is called MetroAccess. The dial-in number is: (301) 562-5360. To obtain temporary use of the service you must contact your local eligibility office and have your status information sent via fax to the MetroAccess
Eligibility office at: (202) 962-6393.

The taxi dial-in numbers are:

  • Fairfax Red Top (703) 333-3333 and Fairfax Yellow Cab at (703) 534-1111.
  • Arlington Red Top Cab: 703-522-3333.

Metrorail and bus information can be reached at: (202) 637-7000.

Health and Safety

At its summer board of directors meeting on August 6, the NFB of Virginia voted to follow a set of protocols to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. These protocols are based on local health guidelines and will be adjusted accordingly to remain in compliance.

Guests are strongly encouraged to test for COVID within 48 hours of arriving at the convention and to remain home if they test positive for COVID or are experiencing COVID-like symptoms. Accessible COVID tests will be provided on site for anyone who desires them.

Guests who begin to experience COVID-like symptoms, or who test positive for COVID during the convention, are asked to self-isolate and contact our convention line to arrange for scheduled meals to be brought to them in their rooms.

We are working within the parameters of the hotel property to offer additional precautions, including:

  • Ready access to masks and hand sanitizers at general session entrances
  • Wider space for tables in our exhibit hall
  • Create distance in seating during general sessions
  • Reduce the number of chairs at banquet tables
  • Create seating sections for people who need flexibility with mask wearing

Help Spread the Word!

Are you interested in helping us spread more awareness for the convention? Or, perhaps you yourself are feeling curious about what could be in it for you? We've created a handful of targeted flyers downloadable from our website. Please help pass them out throughout your networks for anyone interested in joining us or interested in applying for one of our programs!