Friday 10/30 Highlight #5: Excellent Exhibitors

We will be starting General Session with fabulous presentations on Friday morning, October 30 then 2 great seminars on Friday afternoon. In addition, people have been asking about the large number of exhibitors on Friday afternoon.

This is our 5th Friday (10/30) highlight. Check Out the Excellent New Products & Services from our Exhibitors.

12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Exhibits: The Birches Room

Robert Parsons, Exhibits Coordinator

The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia prides itself on bridging the gaps between the blind community and the companies and vendors that manufacture the tools we use to live the life we want. At the 2015 NFBV Exhibit Hall on Friday, October 30, you have the opportunity to meet a variety of vendors and exhibitors that produce the tools our community uses, meet the representatives of different training and independent living centers, and even purchase some items that you may need in the future.

Our sponsors are:

  • Torres Foundation for the Blind: a company that provides
    assistive technology to consumers;
  • G-Technology: A manufacturing company that will be demonstrating
    Sonar glasses for consumers; and
  • Adaptify Solutions: Formerly the White Cane and More/Beyond Specs
    companies that sell canes, assistive technology, and low vision equipment

These sponsors will be available for the attendees to purchase items from, learn more information about, and retrieve knowledge of new, innovative products that are on the horizon.

Along with these sponsors, we have many old and new exhibitors that are part of our NFBV family, including:

  • Freedom Scientific
  • ITG
  • Eastern Shore Center for Independent Living
  • Advanced Vision
  • Carroll Center for the Blind
  • Virginia Association of Blind Students
  • Christian Ministry Teachers
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • The Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision
  • Each of these exhibitors will also be available to speak with and impart information about their upcoming promotions and events.

    The exhibit hall will run from 12pm until 5pm and will be a memorable experience for both first-time attendees as well as recurring members.

    The 2015 NFB of Virginia convention, is Scheduled for October 30,- November 1.

    Click here for more information on the convention and how to register