Friday Morning (10/30) highlight #1 – Quiet Cars: A Worldwide Revolution

The NFB of Virginia convention is only 1 month away. Under our new model, we have changed the agenda and some people are confused. We will be starting General Session with fabulous presentations on Friday morning, October 30 then 2 great seminars on Friday afternoon. In addition, we have a large number of exhibitors on Friday afternoon.

Yes, Friday morning is really valuable and you will not want to miss it.

We will be sharing highlights each day to get people excited.

Quiet Cars: A Worldwide Revolution

Fredric Schroeder, First vice President, World Blind Union

Hybrid electric and electric cars are essentially silent. For this reason, they present a hazard to all pedestrians and in particular to blind and low vision travelers. Come and learn about the status of a United Nations’
initiative to require an alert sound for quiet cars and the role of the blind of the world in shaping the world-wide UN regulation.

Don’t let the Quiet Car or this great presentation pass you by. This means you should get to Falls Church either Thursday night or Friday before 10:00 to not miss the great Friday morning programming at convention.

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