NEWSLINE update!

In the last few months enhancements to Newsline continue.

Newsline is the exciting newspaper for the blind and print handicapped provided by the National Federation of the Blind and state sponsors. It is available by telephone, IOS device, email, internet and on book readers such as the Victor Reader Stream and others. I suspect more options are coming and I am not surprised if I missed some.

Newsline has more than 300 newspapers, 40 plus magazines, TV and job listings, and Target adds. During the holiday season, additional store advertisements are included.

If you wish additional information on Newsline or wish to become a subscriber to this free service contact me. Also, if you already subscribe and have forgotten your access code I can retrieve it for you.

Here are some recently added features.

  • When you start a publication on the phone, you may press 99 for continues reading. In this mode, articles and sections follow each other with no action on your part. To move to the next article type three, any time, during the previous article. If you do not want to read a section type star and Newsline moves to the next section.
  • The new model of the Victor Reader Stream automatically downloads your favorite publications when it is turned on and accessible and receiving a
    WIFI signal. Other DAISY readers also will capture publications on
  • On the main menu, pressing one will bring up a new feature called National Channels. Currently, The Braille Monitor, Future Reflections, and Living The lives you Want; 75 Years of the National Federation of the Blind are available. The Living the Lives you want is an exciting new publication offering the history of the National Federation of the Blind. It features chapters written by different Federationist explaining what led up to the founding of the NFB as well as examining the history and future options for our movement. This publication is also available on the NFB website

    Clicking on links on the publication will open related speeches and additional information.
  • finally, for the last few years Newsline has provided local weather and severe weather warnings.

John Halverson, Virginia Newsline Coordinator (E-mail)

(703) 379-1141 (Home)

(703) 867-6400 (Mobile)