Planned Giving

Monthly Giving, features zero administrative costs and leaves you in control

Based on the increasing popularity of online banking technology, you can sign up for the plan independently and immediately by following these two steps:

Go to your financial institution’s bill pay platform, and set up a recurring monthly payment using the following information. (It is crucial that you use the following information exactly, so that the funds are electronically and securely sent to the Federation.)

NFBV PAD; 3230 Grove Avenue; Richmond, VA 23221; (804) 262-7057

So that we may track donations, please send your name, phone number and e-mail address to the Treasurer using the form below.

You may specify donations in any amount and may specify them to reoccur on any day of each month that you choose. With this new plan, individual donors, not the NFBV, initiate and control all aspects of their donation. Finally, with this new plan, there are no operational fees. One hundred percent of each donation goes directly to financially support the efforts of our organization.

Each of the NFBV’s programs plays an important role in increasing opportunities for blind people, and we want to be able to expand the scope of each one. For this reason, we urge each and every one to become a participant in the new plan and to encourage others to do so as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer and plan administrator, Mark Roane, using the form below.

Together, we WILL change what it means to be blind!

Major Gifts & Estate Planning

Please contact Affiliate Treasurer Mark Roane using the form below to discuss how a financial gift can enhance the NFBV’s programs that promote equality, opportunity and security for Virginia’s blind.

Contact the Treasurer