State Convention for Students and Parents

The student programming at the 59th Annual State Convention of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia will incorporate innovative ways for students and youth to get engaged and prepared for academic, community, and social success.

For Older Students:

Beginning Friday, November 3, attendees will have the opportunity to network with other high school and college-age members in a social setting, participate
in student business meetings and elections at the annual student luncheon, and take part in informative discussions and workshops with state and national
student leaders. On Sunday, November 5, the students and youth will take part in a collaborative self-defense course that can expand the minds and bodies
of the participants. This course also will give students a chance to work with younger children and influence leadership skills in them for the future.

Here are a few details we can share for students from the convention Agenda:

Winning Them Over with Professionalism and Poise – An Etiquette Dinner

You are cordially invited to attend the inaugural Etiquette Dinner presented by the NFB of Virginia on Friday evening. At this dinner, you will be educated
on the ins and outs of appropriate etiquette in both professional and social dining settings. From knowing which fork to use, to how much to tip, and even
appropriate dinner conversation. these are just a few of the things that will be discussed. There will also be an “Ask Ms. Manners”
portion at the end.

Friday Night Student Track Membership

Kick off with Ice Breakers and games to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to meet each other.

Youth Slam

Learn from a participant in the 2017 NFB Youth Slam, a 2-week STEM program on Towson State University.

Virginia Association of Blind Students

Learn about the exciting programming of our student division including the Successful Summer Student Blowout in June.

Project RISE

Learn about Project RISE, the NFB of Virginia’s exciting pre-employment mentoring program for students ages 14-21 from the organizers of
the program then attend the Open House for students and parents to learn more and get your questions answered.

Saturday Break Outs

On Saturday at 1:30 pm, we will have a series of 30-minute breakout sessions, including panel discussion and open forums. We will
have national and state guest speakers.

Self-Defense Program

Our Sunday morning, Youth Track program is offering an engaging, hands-on introduction to martial arts open to students of all ages. Mr. Wilson Olivera and students from the Full Circle Integrated Martial Arts School will be joining us for some lessons in practical self-defense.

For Younger Students

NFB BELL Academy

Learn from the participants in the 2017 Braille Enrichment for Literacy & Learning (BELL) Academies in Arlington and Harrisonburg.

Braille Carnival

Friday evening, there will be fun games and an opportunity to connect with younger students and parents throughout the Commonwealth.

For Parents

Virginia Department of Education

On Friday morning, hear from John Eisenberg, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Student Services about
ways to help your student get a quality education.

Lunch with John Eisenberg

Grab a boxed lunch and Join Mr. Eisenberg in the Presidential Suite for a Friday afternoon question and answer session to tap
his advice and suggestions on navigating services for your child.

On Saturday, learn from parents who have overcome obstacles and have improved the services for their children to get their child a better education.

Saturday Virginia Parents of Blind Children Lunch

Meet with parents from throughout Virginia and identify ways to help each other and your children.

Do You Dream in Color?

On Saturday, join us for a screening of the critically acclaimed film Do You Dream in Color? about four inspiring blind students and their journeys. This will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions to parents and NFB leaders. We will also discuss how the NFB can help students
achieve their dreams in a discussion facilitated by Brian Miller and Fred Schroeder.

Students under 18 participating in our programming must complete the attached Student Track registration form and bring it to convention signed by a parent or guardian.

2017 Youth Track Registration Form

The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia Convention combines excellent networking with positive blind role models, fellowship with old and new friends across the Commonwealth, and some of the best presentations on topics important to the blind of Virginia.

Details on convention registration and hotel reservations can be found at: