Why Parents and Students Should Attend the 2015 NFB of Virginia Convention

Are you a parent of a visually impaired child who is Struggling? Do you worry about how your child will get the necessary resources to succeed? You are not alone.

You are invited to an empowerment program for parents and their vision impaired children presented by the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia. The programs specifically targets the needs of young people and will be held October 30 thru November 1 in Tyson’s corner, Virginia.
Attendees will learn:

  • Which adaptive technologies are best for you;
  • How to increase self-confidence;
  • How to travel independently;
  • How to self advocate;
  • How to make more friends;
  • How to access the vision services in your area;
  • How to overcome the challenges of school and career with the help of experts;

Students and parents will benefit from a remarkable set of programs

  1. Student Track Programming:

    • Breaking Barriers/Breaking Boards – Learn how to break boards with your bare hands and break through barriers that prevent you from achieving all you can
    • Travel Excursion – Paired with role models and peers, exit the hotel for a travel adventure such as exploring bus and rail or a scavenger hunt at Tyson’s corner Center.
    • Bring It On – A Thought Provoking workshop for middle school, High School and College students led by successful blind role models. Challenge yourself to consider how your actions and reactions impact how the world sees you as a successful student.
    • Student Division Luncheon – network with blind students from across The Commonwealth and learn how you can help other students overcome challenges.
    • Halloween Carnival – exciting hands on Friday evening carnival for Students of all ages. Games! Prizes! Fun! You might win our costume contest if our judges think you’re the best!
  2. Parent Track:

    • Parents Division Luncheon – Connect with parents from across
      • Virginia committed to advocating for their children and ensuring high expectations for their kids. Meet positive role models and tap the network of parents who are making things happen for their children.
    • SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Can your blind/visually impaired son or daughter independently make a sandwich? Pour milk? Use a knife when others are? Join us; try our hands on techniques and see how they work and we’ll do our best to answer other questions you might have.

In addition, in the General Session, there are great programs for parents and students including:

  • Advocating for student success – Learn how parents and students overcame challenges with their schools to get the services into Individual Education Plans (IEP) for success now and into the future
  • BELL Success – Here from students who participated in this summer’s
    Two week BELL camp held in Northern Virginia.

The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia convention combines excellent networking with positive blind role models, fellowship with old and new friends across the Commonwealth, and some of the best presentations on topics important to the blind of Virginia.

The 2015 NFB of Virginia convention, is Scheduled for October 30,- November 1 in Tyson’s Corner .

Link here to find details on convention registration and hotel reservations.

Please note, all students under 18 must bring a completed and signed copy of the youth Track Registration form to participate in the Student Track programming.

Link here to find more details on the Youth Track Programming and registration form.