Developing Great Leaders Workshop During the Board Meeting

All are invited to attend the next NFBV Board meeting in Richmond, Saturday, may 2nd.

I’m excited to let you know we will devote a small part of our time to a collaborative workshop called “Developing the Next Generation of Leaders“.
This workshop is an opportunity for us to have a collaborative conversation that brings us together to:

  • Build deeper understanding around the qualities of a great leader;
  • Create a more cohesive vision of those qualities that will be needed by the next generation of leaders; and,
  • Define the key actions that we could take to help build the next generation of leaders.

Important #1: I’ve attached all the materials you will need for the workshop and would ask each of you to print, braille, or bring them with you electronically–so that you will have all of the information you need to most effectively participate.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders-final design

Important #2: We are in need of 5-6 people who could play a recorder role during this workshop. This means that you would be responsible for capturing the outputs from small group discussion. It’s not hard, but it would require you to bring a note taking mechanism such as slate/stylus, laptop or other device that you would need to take notes. Please contact Jeremy Grandstaff using the below contact information, if you can help play this role.

On behalf of the board, we are excited each of you will be lending your voice to this important discussion for our future leaders and I welcome you to contact our workshop facilitator

  • Jeremy Grandstaff
  • Phone: 614-519-3026
  • E-mail:

with any questions prior to the workshop.