Exhibit Hall Information & Table Assignments

Exhibit Hall Assistance Desk

To the right of the entrance of the Exhibit Hall outside in the hallway is where you can request assistance. Hardcopies of this information will be available for your review. Assistance is available with navigating the Exhibit Hall upon request for those who would like it. There are a limited number of guides, so requests may not be able to be filled immediately at the time of the request.

Exhibitors Inside the Birches Exhibit Hall

The tables inside the Exhibit Hall are arranged in a rectangle around the perimeter of the room and are sequentially numbered in a counter-clockwise direction. Tables 1 and 2 are to the right of the entrance of the Exhibit Hall along a short wall. Tables 3 through 10 are along the long wall opposite the entrance. Tables 11 and 12 are along the opposite short wall. Tables 13 through 18 are along the long wall to the left of the entrance when you come in. Braille and large print labels with the table number are on the front right corner of each table.

  1. S&G Endeavors, Ltd.
  2. Sprint Vision
  3. VANDA Pharmaceutical
  4. BAUM USA Inc.
  5. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  6. Integration Technologies Group, Inc.
  7. Buddy Grey Music
  8. TCS Associates –
  9. Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired
  10. Torres Foundation for the Blind
  11. Allied Instructional Services
  12. VFO Group
  13. Christian Ministry Teachers, as Audio Bibles for the Blind
  14. NFB Newsline of Virginia
  15. Anthem HealthKeepers Plus
  16. Aira
  17. ABLEnow
  18. No Exhibitor

Exhibitors in the Hallway Outside the Exhibit Hall

As you come out of the Exhibit Hall into the hallway, you will find tables 19 through 23 along the wall to your right. You will find a group of 3 tables, a gap, and 2 more tables.
19 No Exhibitor
20 Greater Alexandria Chapter of the NFB of Virginia
21 Blue Ridge Chapter of the NFB of Virginia
22 Peninsula Chapter
23 Virginia Association of Blind Merchants

Auction items

Displayed in the hallway along the wall across from the Exhibit Hall on tables 24 through 26.