John Dubois raises funds to attend his first National Convention in 2015 commemorating the 75th anniversary of the NFB

By Michael Kasey, president, NFB of Virginia

John Dubois asked Dr. Schroeder and I to assist him to attend his first National Convention. We agreed. We asked him to begin a campaign to raise money to help with his request. He commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the NFb by raising over $750 for the NFB of Virginia. Here is a note from John.

  • From: John Dubois
  • Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 6:39 PM
  • To: Michael Kasey

I believe fund raising gave me a good experience, because it teaches the importance of reaching out to others in times of need. I started by sending out a message on Facebook to everyone. Pastor Rudy from Grace United Methodist Church, Pastor Jeri, and others pitched in to contribute. I sent out thank you’ s using Facebook Messenger . I also set this up on

It was in 2014 that I chose to go to National convention. I felt it was something God was calling me to do. I decided this because at the National convention, I would meet other blind people, and partially sighted people, as well as see new technology, and also to explore other career opportunities.

John DuBois