The NFB of Virginia has been a key stakeholder in the concerns affecting blind residents in the commonwealth since 1958. The organization administers robust programs aimed at reversing general misconceptions of blindness.

Project RISE

Project RISE, (resilience, independence, self-advocacy and employment) challenges, encourages, and supports the ambitions of blind students in Virginia. we are taking active steps to make sure this generation will not be hindered by low expectations. Project RISE focuses on providing blind students with the skills necessary to become competitively employed. These skills are useful whether the students attend an institution of higher education, a vocational school, or enter the job market directly after high school. Project RISE combines the knowledge of successful blind professionals, the positive philosophy of the NFB, and a strong curriculum to give blind students the skills and confidence they need to be successful. Learn more.

Silver BELLS

Silver BELLS is our latest initiative designed to empower blind senior citizens with a variety of home management and life and advocacy skills training opportunities. The program, hosted in strategically chosen locations in Virginia, will prepare blind and low-vision seniors to take control of their personal and professional lives through direct and individualized attention based on physical ability, personal skills, and goals. Learn more.

Scholarship Program

There is no greater investment than in our future generations. To that end, the NFBV recognizes outstanding blind students in the commonwealth who could benefit from one of our scholarship awards to aid in their academic ambitions. Learn more.

Chapter Leadership Institute

The most successful organizations work diligently to develop their next generation of leaders. The NFBV Chapter Leadership Institute is designed to develop a cadre of future chapter and affiliate leaders throughout the Commonwealth. This leadership training program integrates hands on leadership tasks while leveraging our vast assembly of leadership talent. The program is tailored to the individual needs of the chapters as well as the participants so people can develop in areas of needed growth. Learn more.

BELL Academy

The NFBV Braille Enrichment for Literacy & Learning (BELL Academy) provides children ages 4-12 with Braille instruction through fun, hands-on learning activities. The program targets blind and low-vision children who do not receive enough Braille and nonvisual skill instruction in school or who could benefit from Braille enrichment over the summer. In addition to crafts, games, and other engaging projects, children learn vital independent living skills, benefit from peer learning and mentoring from blind and low vision adults, and enjoy field trips that reinforce skills learned in the BELL classroom. Please check back for information about a future summer iteration of this program.

NFB Newsline

NFB-NEWSLINE is a free audio news service for anyone who is blind, low-vision, or otherwise print-disabled that offers access to more than 500 publications, emergency weather alerts, job listings, and more. Learn more.

KNFB Reader

KNFB Reader, developed in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind, gives you easy access to print and files, anytime, anywhere. The easy-to-use KNFB Reader app converts any text to speech or Braille instantly and accurately. Its text-to-speech and text-highlighting tools make it valuable for blind, low-vision, dyslexic, and other print-disabled users. Learn more.