Welcome to the NFB of Virginia!

The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia (NFBV) is a nonprofit made up of blind people of all ages, their families and friends. Our members and leaders provide advocacy and support to blind and visually impaired Virginians across the commonwealth. We work together to promote full participation and integration of blind people in all areas of life, and we serve as an advocate for change when equal access and treatment of the blind is denied. Chapters and divisions across the commonwealth offer community based forums for the blind and visually impaired to interact and work together on issues at the local level. As a state-wide group, the NFBV brings the collective experiences of our members together to identify problems or needs and work for change at the state and national levels. The NFB of Virginia believes that the real problem of blindness is not the loss of eyesight but the general misunderstanding and lack of information about blindness that exist. We believe that with the proper training, opportunity and positive attitudes, blindness can be reduced to a mere physical nuisance.

NFBV 2021 Scholarship Program

The NFB of Virginia is pleased to announce the launch of its James F. Nelson merit scholarship program for the academic year 2021-2022. Up to three scholarships of $1500.00 will be awarded based on academic achievement, community engagement, and leadership potential.

The NFB of Virginia believes that all blind and vision-impaired students who apply for a James F. Nelson scholarship can benefit from the experience of attending the State Convention. If the state convention is in-person, the NFBV will cover the reasonable costs associated with attending the convention for all eligible applicants, including a room at the hotel shared with a fellow scholarship applicant, most meals, the cost of registration, and a banquet ticket. Scholarship applicants should work with their local chapter to explore transportation options and should notify the scholarship committee if they encounter any difficulties. Convention related expenses will be reimbursed or covered by the affiliate at the convention. Please notify the committee if you do not have access to a credit card or other means of covering pre-convention costs. Applicants are expected to pre-register for the gathering to signal their intention to attend the state convention, and to assist the scholarship committee in making hotel reservations. Learn more.

Important Dates

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Saturday, August 7

Affiliate board meeting via Zoom from 1 - 4 PM, with pre-registration at 12:45 PM.

Meeting Highlights:

  1. 2021 State Convention Planning - We want your ideas and suggestions for programming at our 2021 NFB of Virginia State Convention in Tysons corner and virtually. If you have ideas for the convention including general session topics, ideas for seminars and breakout sessions, or other recommendations, we definitely want to hear from you. Ideally, please send ideas in advance to Tracy. We will brainstorm ideas and then make some decisions. If you cannot attend the board meeting but want to share some ideas, please feel free to contact Tracy with your suggestions. Our convention will be better if you contribute to the planning.
  2. Update on Project RISE
  3. NFB of Virginia Silver Bells Program for Blind & Low vision Seniors
  4. Virginia Chapter Leadership Institute.
  5. Bell Academy In Home Edition

This is just a subset of the exciting work we will cover at the board meeting. More details to follow.

All are welcome to attend the Board meeting. Our meeting will be better because you invested the time to attend and share your ideas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Tracy Soforenko
President, National Federation of the Blind of Virginia
202 285-4595

Thursday, October 28 - - Sunday, October 31, 2021

Annual state convention. Details will be posted to the convention landing page.

>Will You Join Us?

We are a welcoming organization and want to meet you!

Are you a blind student?

Join our student association, apply for scholarships, explore training possibilities, connect with mentors. We think you’ll find the NFB to be a solid support system as you build your future prospects.

Are you a parent of a blind child or blind parent yourself?

Parenting is not easy under the best of circumstances. Blindness will add a unique dimension to your activities, but you need not fear you are alone. Connect with either our parents of blind children or blind parents’ group, and you’ll see just how much a part you are of a positive collective.

Are you a senior?

Connect with other seniors! Learn about the technology, services, and other resources that will make your golden years something to feel great about and not something to dread. Whether you have been blind all your life, or just recently lost your sight, we’ll introduce you to people who get it and want you to lead a lively and productive life. Joining the NFBV is as simple as contacting your local chapter. Though annual membership dues may vary, the typical amount is $5, and joining your local chapter makes you a member of the national organization. As a member you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with persons from a diverse range of professions, backgrounds, and interests.
  • Participate in local chapters and divisions
  • Learn about the techniques used to travel safely, manage a household, and obtain employment
  • Help others experiencing vision loss
  • Advocate for other blind Virginians on state and national issues affecting the blind.